Presentation of the Ghidighici Sea Mile 2017 medal

We present the medal of the fifth swim in the open water of Ghidighici Sea Mile, executed in the style of sports projects Sporter.

Such a medal will be given to all finishers who swam one of three distances:

– SEA MILE (1852 m) – medal with a yellow ribbon


– DOUBLE SEA MILE (3704 m) – medal with a red ribbon


– TRIPLE SEA MILE (5555 m) – medal with black ribbon


Participation in competitions on July 16 can be accepted by all trained athletes who have passed the preliminary Registration and paid the registration fee.

The number of participants in Ghidighici Sea Mile is limited to Triple Sea Mile – 75 seats, Double Sea Mile – 200 seats and Sea Mile (1850 m) – 250 seats.

Register now, swim your distance and get a well-deserved medal!