Register for Sea Mile until July 10 at the old price

registration continues

Only until July 10, you have the opportunity to register for the Ghidighici Sea Mile 2017 open water swimming championship, at a price of 400 lei (≈ 20 euro) for the Triple Sea Mile (5555 m), Double Sea Mile (3700 m) and Sea Mile (1850 m ).

The cost of participation in the swimmings will increase from July 11:

500 MDL (≈ 25 euro) – July 11 – July 14

All athletes who take part in the Triple Sea Mile (5555 m), Double Sea Mile (3700 m), Sea Mile (1850 m) and Fun Swim 400 m must pass the registration.

Participation in the non-competition swim Fun Swim at 400 m with a starting fee is not charged.

Only after completing all procedures and receiving an email with confirmation, the participant is officially registered on the Ghidighici Sea Mile 2017.

When specifying data that does not correspond to reality, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the registration of the participant. The fee is not refundable in this case.

Electronic registration will be available until July 14, 2017, inclusive. After the specified date, the opportunity to register will not be.