Starting kit

The start package Ghidighici Sea Mile included:

– Branded backpack

It is a big and roomy backpack Ghidighici Sea Mile, which will be useful for all the participants in the race. In it, it will be possible to put the personal things to be given to the storage room. And after race it will be possible to use it in daily.

– Colorful swim cap

Each participant of swim competitions in open water Ghidighici Sea Mile receives a stylized, exclusive swim cap. On each distance are provided caps of a certain color

Those who will swim the shortest distance, 400 meters Fun Swim , will receive blue caps.

For those who will get over the Sea Mile (1852 m) it is provided a yellow cap.

The courageous ones, who targeted a Double Sea Mile (3704 m), will be given a red cap.

For those who will get over the Triple Sea Mile (5555 m) it is provided a black cap.


The results of all participants, who will get over the long distances (Sea Mile, Double Sea Mile, Triple Sea Mile), will be fixed by a professional timing system. For that, the participants will be given special waterproof chips with an individual number. After the competition the chips will be turned back to the organizers.