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Reservoir Ghidigici was swam over for the fourth time

Unbelievable! The annual open water swimming competition Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016 was held on July 17, in which 600 people have overcome the reservoir Ghidighici for the fourth time!

2016 is also marked by the fact that a record number of participants was into it, compared with last year’s race.  Swimmers have set the goals to swim 1850 m or 3720 m in open water, and the beginners swam 200m.

Several months in a row to planning and preparation was held for the implementation of the new swimming race Ghidighici 2016. The organization Sporter has revived Ghidighici beach again with the support of the City Hall of Vatra.

While the beach was being prepared to hold the competition, a lot of athletes have already decided to swim one of the largest reservoirs of Moldova and registered for the swimming race. Early on Sunday morning buses were prepared for the participants, which that took them to the location of the Sea Mile. By 7:30 am swimmers, spectators and fans have already camped on the beach Ghidigici expecting the race start.

For all those present on the beach, a sports fair was organized, where everyone could find and buy the necessary sporting goods at a discount, and enjoy delicious food and drinks from the competition partners, who participated in the Sport Expo.

Each swimmer received a starter pack, which included a branded backpack, a swim cap and an active chip, through which the participants’ results were evaluated.

The moderators of the event announced the beginning of the warm-up, which was held by the instructor of the official competitions fitness club “Niagara Fitness Club”.

So, the time has come to line up at the starting line

3..2..1 … START!

9:00 am was the start of the swimming races Double Sea Mile (3720 m), Sea Mile (1850 m) and Fun Swim (200 m). Crowds of thousands of swimmers cut through the water with their bodies, and in the meantime the first finishers of 200-meter distance Fun Swim are awaited on the beach. And the title partner of this race is ice cream Sandra.

Winners among men and women at the distance Fun Swim received the award from the organizers and gifts from partners.

While everyone was busy at the sports expo, workout area and a variety of entertainment on the beach, the fastest swimmers of Sea Mile (1850 m) were getting close to the finish line. The title partner of this distance is “Fitness Doza” fitness club. The first of the men. Who went out of water, was Naleykin Vladimir, who swam a mile in 25:36 minutes. Champion among women became Corina Antoha, who conquered the mile in 28:46 minutes.

All finishers in this distance received their well-deserved medals of Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016. And the following winners of Sea Mile were invited on the pedestal, and received valuable prizes from the organizers and gifts from the partners of the competition:


  • 1 place – Vladimir Naleykin
  • 2nd place – Adrian Negru
  • 3rd place – Vasily Batrinak


  • 1st place – Corina Anton
  • 2nd place – Ekaterina Efimenko
  • 3rd place – Alexander Duka

Having freshened themselves with the official water OM and having rested in the Relax Zone, swimmers noticed that the fastest swimmer of Double Sea Mile (3720 m) approached to the bank – Nikita Bortnikov, who overcame the double mile in 49:51 minutes. The first woman in this race became Gall Julia, who overcame the double mile in 1:04.02 hours.

They were followed by other members of the largest distance, who received at the finish line their deserved medals for the double miles. Last member of Double Sea Mile finished, and everyone turned their eyes on the podium of the competition. The following winners of Double Sea Mile were invited at the award ceremony, who received prizes from the organizers and gifts from partners:


  • 1st place – Nikita Bortnikov
  • 2nd place – Ilya Sholpan
  • 3rd place – Eugene Stukalov


  • 1st place – Julia Gall
  • 2 nd place – Olena Romaniuk
  • 3rd place – Anastasia Belih

And this is how the fourth open water swimming competition Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016 ended. Everyone successfully finished, received their well-deserved medals, and the champions were awarded with additional gifts.

The most unexpected was the marriage proposal, which has become a tradition at events organized by Sporter. Driver of Simpals company went down on one knee and asked for the hand and heart of his second half right on the main stage. She said – YES!

The organizers of the Sea Mile thank the volunteers, who helped prepare the beach and turn the swimming competition into a real festival. All volunteers will receive honorary diplomas from the organization Sporter.

After the closing ceremony, beach preparations started for the Fosfor electronic music festival. Participants and spectators of the swimming race were looking forward to this moment. The festival started by 19:00, and hundreds of people started entering the territory of the beach, but that’s another story…